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Logics & Controls

Logics & Controls was founded in 1979 and, right from its beginnings, it chose to use for its products the best technologies the market offered and to independently design and manufacture components suitable for solving the specific needs of the bottling sector.

Its products are highly adaptable to the specific problems of each user and, in their applications, have precision levels that on average exceed the customer's real needs or expectations. The characteristic that distinguishes us is our high aptitude to design and develop checks dedicated to the customer's specific needs, even if these are not present in the standard range of our products.

Logics & Controls specializes in the design and manufacture of in-line inspection and control systems for bottling lines. The product range starts from empty container inspection, and goes through the fill level check, correct closure check and correct “clothing“ check, up to checking the weight of the carton or bundle. All the inspection systems are stand-alone systems and can operate either push ejection devices or progressive diverters for gentle movement of the container.

Logics & Controls has for a long time acknowledged that the bottling sector has some unique needs that standard cameras only partially solve. The numerous bottle shapes and sizes, the optical characteristics of glass and plastic, the bottled liquids, the production speeds and the absolute quality requirements do not adapt to cameras and optics for general use. After years of research, testing and development, the company has succeeded in making an exclusive series of special optical units that enable a real revolution in the camera inspection of empty bottles and full bottles.

Here are some examples of the sectors that Logics & Controls has covered with its inspection systems over the years: bottling, food, pharmaceutical, perfumes and detergents. The possibility to deal with the different problems of these sectors has enabled the company to make reliable and versatile systems able to simultaneously meet most requirements, right from the standard models.

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