Checks fill level with precision.

System for the verification of correct filling of product inside glass, PET and HDPE containers, even totally opaque ones, through a high frequency capacitance system. It is compact, simple, quick and easy to be installed. It can be expanded to make other checks even at different points of the bottling line using the same control unit.


  • Self-learning of the reference level.
  • Setting of minimum and maximum level thresholds.
  • Display of counts and statistical data.
  • Stop signal to the upstream machine for consecutive rejections.


  • High frequency measurement system.
  • Stainless steel frame.
  • Microprocessor operating electronics.
  • Operator interface with alphanumerical LCD display, back-lightened.
  • Industrial tactile membrane keyboard.
  • RS232 interface for connection to remote PC or printer.

Optional extensions:
(even at different points of the bottling line using the same control unit)

  • Cork, cap and tilting cap presence control.
  • Label presence control, in-line or on labelling machine.
  • Capsule presence control.
  • Wire presence control.
  • Legal seal-mark presence control.

Optional features and accessories:

  • Rejection system Logipush.
  • Rejection system Logisort.
  • Rejection verification.
  • Calculus of level variation depending on the product temperature.
  • Counts and statistical data printing with date and time.
  • Ethernet, Profibus or other types of communication buses.

Visualisation precision: standard deviation of 0,3 mm
Sensitivity: more than 0,1 mm
Max operative speed: over 100.000 containers per hour
Power supply: 100-240 VAC 50-60Hz PH+N+PE
Absorbed power: 80 W
Weight: 20 Kg
Working temperature: 0-40°C


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