Progressive diverter for gentle sideways movement of the containers.

This solves the side diversion problem and guarantees container stability irrespective of shape, fill level and production speed.

By using several small diverter segments, this dynamically creates a guide as the container passes and takes it gently onto a different conveyor belt. Since the container is guided and not pushed, there is a guarantee that it will not fall during side movement, even if stability is critical and even if the production speed is very high.

It is suitable for any type of glass, plastic or metal container and for any shape: cylindrical, conical, rectangular, triangular, oval…

It can be used together with one of our inspection systems as diverter for defective containers or as stand-alone system for continuous division into several lines to feed packaging machines. It is robust and reliable, requires very little maintenance and does not need to be mechanically adjusted for height when there is a changeover of the size in production.

Two different models are available, with 10 or 15 diverter elements, according to the minimum diameter of the containers and the maximum production speed.

Each diverter element is activated by a pneumatic cylinder individually controlled by microprocessor: by means of an encoder, the instantaneous speed of the conveyor belt is analysed and the diversion activity of the individual elements is consequently regulated.


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